PinnacleCare was founded in 2001, by Bruce Spector and John Hutchins, an innovator in the delivery of VIP healthcare services at both the Cleveland Clinic and John Hopkins.

In their roles, they personally witnessed and experienced the many challenges of navigating the healthcare system and securing the best care for even the most connected families and individuals. While there were many partners to provide expert advice and guidance for pivotal legal and financial decisions, there was no one objective, unbiased resource to guide individuals when facing a serious diagnosis, medical emergency, or other healthcare-related decisions.

PinnacleCare was founded based on the need for an objective, unbiased resource to help guide individuals and their families through a logical, thorough and informed decision-making process in all matters related to their health. PinnacleCare brings the peace of mind that comes with having 24×7 access to a universal medical record and a health advisory team to coordinate leading health experts, world-renowned specialists, and evidence-based treatment options – wherever and whenever they should be needed.

As a result of strategic partnerships formed over that time and growing market interest, PinnacleCare extended its health advisory services to employee and association members through PinnacleCare Connection for business. PinnacleCare Connection allows more individuals to tap into its resources and relationships with top specialists for guidance and second opinions when facing a serious diagnosis or surgery. With PinnacleCare Connection, businesses are leveraging PinnacleCare health advisory services as a group benefit to help minimize costs and potential complications from unnecessary or duplicative treatments, thus improving the lives of their employees and members.

For 17 years, PinnacleCare has served as a trusted resource for individuals and their families around the world – guiding them through some of the most important decisions impacting their health and well-being.