What are the benefits for me as an advisor to engage PinnacleCare for my clients’ needs?

By making an introduction to PinnacleCare, you can add value to your relationship with your client by demonstrating an interest and concern for their wellbeing and bringing innovative solutions to their healthcare challenges. Building and strengthening a holistic relationship with your client not only deepens that rapport but provides opportunity to build multigenerational relationships that build your practice.

How are PinnacleCare services different from what clients can get from a concierge physician?

A concierge physician primarily focuses on primary care and services related to preventative screenings, physicals, and treatments related to primary care. PinnacleCare provides access to health advisory resources that your clients can turn to when facing or trying to prevent a major health crisis. We represent your client’s best interests in guiding them through some of the most serious and complex medical decisions they will ever face and connecting them with top specialists around the world who are in the best position to solve their healthcare challenges.

What PinnacleCare services are available to clients?

PinnacleCare offers high-touch, comprehensive memberships that provide 24/7 access to a private health advisory team to quarterback, manage and coordinate all aspects of an individual or family’s medical or health-related needs and goals.

PinnacleCare offers membership options for individuals and families, as well as options for their business that offer PinnacleCare support and capabilities to their executives and employees.

What is included in a PinnacleCare membership and are there extra fees required for services like appointment setting and physician referrals?

PinnacleCare memberships include access to all PinnacleCare resources. While each membership is based on core benefits, like identifying and vetting doctors, facilitating and scheduling appointments, providing comprehensive research on diagnoses and treatment options, and collecting and electronic storing of medical records, no two members use their memberships identically. Each membership is highly customized to address the unique needs and concerns of each individual member.

What can my client expect at the end of the membership year? What if treatment is still ongoing?

Prior to the membership’s renewal date, your client will receive notification of his or her renewal options. At that point, your client can choose to renew, change membership level (if appropriate), or end the relationship with PinnacleCare.

What is the definition of a “family” in terms of membership coverage?

PinnacleCare defines a “family” as the primary member, spouse, and dependent children up to the age of 26.