Improving Outcomes

Healthcare challenges can raise daunting questions and distractions for employees: Where do I go? How do I get in? What are my options?

PinnacleCare connects your client with the medical research, resources, and access to prevent absenteeism and enhance productivity – ultimately saving money that might have been wasted on unnecessary treatments and inaccurate diagnoses.

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As a trusted adviser, you can help your clients confront the challenge of rising healthcare costs. With the rate of misdiagnosis nearing 30%, businesses may be paying for unnecessary diagnostic testing and costly surgeries, not to mention substandard treatment protocols that could adversely affect employee’s recovery.  PinnacleCare Connection can serve as an innovative solution for managing high-cost medical claims by providing employees access to research and resources that help with confirming their diagnoses and treatment options and facilitating their access to top specialists.

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Industry Perspective:

Growing Trend: Second Surgical Opinion

Industry consultant notes a growing trend for large employers to focus on second surgical opinions as a lever to address unproductive care. PinnacleCare’s faster turnaround advantage is recognized as having the potential to improve the effectiveness of such programs through more timely response to employee anxiety associated with surgeries and other serious medical conditions.

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