There are many ways PinnacleCare can benefit you and your clients.
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PinnacleCare can help you and your clients with…

Second Opinions

We connect clients with the top experts that specialize in their unique condition pointing them toward the right solution to their healthcare challenge.

Global Access

We leverage relationships to open doors to top specialists and medical centers within the U.S. or abroad for treatment of your condition.

Physician Referral & Research Reports

We consult with our in-house researchers and medical directors to provide personalized information on diagnoses, treatments, and top specialists.

Health Advisor

We provide 24×7 access to a private health advisor to orchestrate your client’s healthcare and drive solutions to their unique challenges.

Resources and Access

We bring deep medical research, resources, and access to top specialists and medical centers of excellence around the world that clients would not otherwise have access to.


We offer geriatric assessments and support services to address the healthcare needs of aging parents.

Universal Medical Record

We collect and aggregate multiple records from multiple providers and facilities to enable anytime, anywhere access.

Personalized Healthcare Model

We go beyond concierge medicine to provide you with an innovative solution to extend to your clients who may be facing a medical crisis or serious diagnosis.