As a PinnacleCare member, you have access to a dedicated Personal Health Advisor to guide you and a full suite of benefits that are available to help manage a complex medical issue.

What We Do For You

  • Confirmation of diagnoses
  • Expert medical opinions
  • Appointments with top specialists
  • Guidance on appropriate treatment options


How To Use Your Benefit

  • You contact us
  • Your Advisor consults with you on your situation
  • We collect your pertinent records and review them
  • We provide recommendations and guidance on next steps
  • Your Advisor arranges appointments with specialists
  • We clarify appropriate treatment options
  • We help you to implement your treatment plan


Take Advantage Of The Benefits

When difficult medical issues arise, PinnacleCare is in your corner. We’ll cover all the details—big and small—to make sure you get the highest quality of care.

Even for simple requests such as a referral to a new specialist, call PinnacleCare. We’re always here for you.

PinnacleCare is Here For You