Driving Better Outcomes

Healthcare challenges can raise daunting questions and distractions for employees: Where do I go? How do I get in? What are my options?

PinnacleCare connects your employees with the medical research, resources, and access to prevent absenteeism and enhance productivity – ultimately saving money that might have been wasted on unnecessary treatments and inaccurate diagnoses.

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An Industry Consultant Perspective

This noted industry executive has observed a growing trend for large employers to embrace the usefulness of second surgical opinions for avoiding the high cost of misdiagnosis and unnecessary treatments. With PinnacleCare’s resources and fast turnaround on access to top specialists, organizations are able to aid their employees in securing second opinions to confirm diagnoses and treatment options, thus benefiting all.

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An Employer HR Perspective

This experienced human resource executive views PinnacleCare as part of her company’s wellbeing continuum, serving as a supportive resource when employees need someone to guide them through their medical challenges and coordinate their access to top specialists and cutting edge treatments. The impact of knowing where to turn and how to access these resources helps to alleviate employees’ stress, allowing them to focus on their work and their loved ones instead of doing research on the internet.

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