The Power of Second Opinions

A second opinion can make a significant difference in your employee’s recovery, change their diagnosis, and lead to treatment that assures a better outcome.

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Second Opinions Can Make a Difference In Diagnosis, Treatment, and Recovery

When confronted with a serious diagnosis, a second opinion can make a significant difference. Latest estimates are that 30% of serious conditions are misdiagnosed. Misdiagnosis can lead to costly and unnecessary procedures that contribute to soaring medical costs and potentially inappropriate treatment.

When you offer PinnacleCare Connection as a benefit to your employees, you give them access to a personal health advisor who serves as their go-to source for collecting and reviewing medical records, coordinating second opinions, and facilitating access to top specialists and cutting-edge treatments.

PinnacleCare is an investment in your people. We help you guide employees toward better outcomes and contain unnecessary costs.


Client Perspective:

Finding Top Specialists for Child’s Complex Surgery

Michael’s daughter was diagnosed with Perthes disease which causes the bone cells in the thigh to die and the bone to stop growing. PinnacleCare provided access to cutting edge specialists and helped the family weigh their options to come to an appropriate decision regarding her surgery. Michael’s daughter now has two even legs and is competing in soccer and other sports.

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