“PinnacleCare is staffed by physicians, researchers, former healthcare administrators, nurses, and social workers who manage all aspects of the health affairs of its members.”

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Concierge medicine generally refers to primary care services that provide patients with a higher level of personal attention. Many physicians have chosen to limit their patient load to increase the time and attention that they can spend with each patient. Today, concierge practice models take different forms – from single doctor’s offices to concierge physician practices – with a key focus on preventive care and health maintenance that typically does not extend to specialty care.

PinnacleCare has focused on recommending and facilitating access to top specialists and centers of excellence to ensure better outcomes with the inevitable health issues that arise. We extend beyond concierge medicine and primary care to cut through the red tape and guide you through the complexities of our complex healthcare system when specialists are needed.

The difference between health advisory firms and concierge physician practices

Health advisory firms differ from concierge physician practices in a number of ways.

Concierge physician practices provide primary care to a limited number of patients on an annual membership basis. If a patient needs care from a specialist, referrals by the concierge physician typically are limited to a specific geographical location and the doctors’ personal referral network.

While health advisory firms, such as PinnacleCare, do not provide medical care, we do complement your primary care by providing objective research and resources to help you navigate the complex world of specialist care. PinnacleCare is staffed by physicians, researchers, former healthcare administrators, nurses, naturopathic doctors and social workers who coordinate shared communications across all of you physicians and quarterback all aspects of your healthcare.

Many PinnacleCare members are clients of concierge physician practices. We work closely with concierge and primary care physicians who manage many of their day-to-day medical needs. The more complex and specialized needs are referred to PinnacleCare. We help with a range of issues, including questions like:

  • Who is the top specialist for my heart issue?
  • Which specialist is best for addressing my particular cancer?
  • I am traveling abroad and have fallen ill; where do I go and who do I see?
  • What are the different surgical options to consider for my joint replacement surgery?
  • What care options are available to help support my parents’ healthcare needs?

As healthcare challenges arise and wherever they occur, PinnacleCare’s health advisory team is there to focus on the details – whether you need help dealing with complex medical issues, finding unique wellness resources, connecting with home care providers, or attending to the health needs of aging parents, we are there to guide you toward a solution. For more than ten years, families have depended on PinnacleCare to:

  • research and report on top medical centers, specialists, and treatment options
  • arrange for timely appointments with top specialists and centers of excellence
  • collect, organize, review and transfer medical records and history
  • aggregate all records into a secure online platform for 24/7 remote access
  • coordinate second opinions to confirm diagnoses and appropriate treatment plans
  • respond to your call for healthcare support anywhere in the world 24/7/365
  • design and execute a personalized plan to help you live long and healthy life
  • coordinate related stress management, sleep, diet, exercise, and naturopathic resources

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