Resources & Access When Needed Most

When you have a persistent health problem, it can affect your state of mind and make life more difficult. PinnacleCare provides you with access to the medical and research resources that you need to solve your healthcare challenges and protect your health.

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Providing Answers and Guiding you to Solutions

Where do you turn to get the help you need? The Internet provides an overwhelming amount of information. Your doctor may be prescribing medications, tests, and treatments that do not appear to be solving your problem. With PinnacleCare, you don’t have to feel your way through the dark. A PinnacleCare Connection Advisor is there working with you, along with our in-house medical and research teams, to determine top specialists to help diagnose and treat your condition. Your Advisor will also schedule appointments and forward appropriate medical records to expedite the process.

PinnacleCare gives you the personalized guidance and access to solve what feels like an unsolvable challenge.


Client Perspective:

Solving a Chronic Back Pain Issue

JJ sought help from PinnacleCare for a persistent back pain issue following two unnecessary surgeries. We arranged for a top specialist to diagnose the problem. Within 6 months, the back pain was gone.

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