About PinnacleCare

Safeguarding the health and wellness of those most important to you can be an overwhelming experience. Whether you are dealing with a difficult diagnosis, taking care of elderly parents, or being proactive about your health, PinnacleCare personalized health care can make a world of difference.

Mission Statement:

PinnacleCare’s mission is to ensure that all Members realize their highest expectations for their health and wellness. PinnacleCare’s personalized approach to health care is a unique combination of exceptional medical resources, an unmatched range of services and outstanding care allowing Members efficient access to the finest health care experiences, expert guidance through the complex healthcare system by expert health advisors and assurance in leading the healthiest lives possible, at home and abroad.


  • PinnacleCare will revolutionize the delivery of personalized health care to reflect freedom of choice and the authority of the patient.


  • We know our members and always put members first.
  • We trust and respect each other and our Members and strive for personal responsibility in all relationships.
  • We deliver preeminent Member services at all times.
  • We aspire to excellence in all we do.
  • We work as an integrated team.
  • We are good citizens of the community and the world.
  • We seek continual innovation and improvement.