miles-varnBaltimore, (Nov. 8, 2017) – PinnacleCare, a private health advisory firm that guides clients through complex healthcare challenges and facilitates access to the country’s top doctors and hospitals, today announced that Chief Medical Officer Miles Varn, MD, will be presenting at the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions 2017 Annual Conference on November 15.

Dr. Varn will be speaking on “The Next Generation of Healthcare Benefits” during the Innovator Showcase session at 10:15 a.m.

According to Dr. Varn, “Employers are seeing an evolution in the health benefits marketplace and are beginning to embrace a fresh, holistic approach to address employee needs. Characteristics of this new trend include incorporating emotional, financial and social vendor resources along with high touch, medical decision-making support. The result is that the employee confronted with a complex medical issue not only is well educated and supported in terms of finding specific medical expertise, but the experience results in a broader based, more intimate level of care management. This is what any employee needs and deserves.”

As part of his session, Dr. Varn will address how PinnacleCare’s high-touch support delivers next-generation value to its members.

For those facing a complex medical diagnosis, PinnacleCare provides the following:
• Objective, high touch decision support
• Identification of and referrals to top specialists in the U.S.
• Expedited access to the nation’s premier Centers of Excellence.
• Expert, personalized guidance navigating the healthcare system.

PinnacleCare is a Silver and Innovator Sponsor of the conference.