Partner Northern Trust Highlights Integration of Health/Wealth Planning in Wall Street Journal

For more than a decade, PinnacleCare has partnered with global financial services provider Northern Trust to provide their clients with access to private health advisors to support long-term planning that protects both health and financial security at every stage of life. Northern Trust’s Chief Wealth Planning and Tax Strategist Suzanne Shier recently emphasized the growing importance of this integration of health and wealth planning in an article in the Wall Street Journal.

“The key to any wealth management and planning strategy is providing clients with the objective information needed to make good decisions that will help them move steadily towards their short- and long-term financial and health goals. It’s also vital to have resources and plans in place to manage unexpected events and changes,” explains Shier. “PinnacleCare is one of the trusted resources that we bring to the table to provide health advisory support in the planning process for clients, as well as for our own employees.”

The need for a plan to manage personal health risks and guard against medical errors and inappropriate treatment was reinforced by a recent BMJ study that found medical errors to be one of the top three causes of death in the U.S. PinnacleCare protects against these risks by providing medical intelligence, care coordination, and facilitated access to top medical institutions and vetted physicians. Beyond risk management, PinnacleCare’s health advisory service ensures that each client has a personalized health plan to maximize the opportunity for good health and longevity.

Lifelong planning, working with a team of expert advisors, and managing ongoing risks are essential elements of sound financial planning. Healthcare planning is equally important and based on the same elements, but it is a more personal and complex process that can have a significant impact on both physical and financial well-being.

“Over a lifetime, health needs evolve, become more complex, and require more attention and coordination to achieve the best results,” says Deanna Rodriguez, PinnacleCare’s Executive Vice President of Wealth Management Business Development. “Having a professional health advisor at the table during the health and wealth planning process is the key to building the best plan possible to manage one’s health and wealth through each of life’s major stages.”