Personalized Healthcare vs. Primary Care

How are they different?

Primary care focuses on routine check-ups and initial consultations for new health problems.

Personalized healthcare focuses on comprehensive, individualized health assessments and decisions that lead to a personalized health strategy and treatment plan.

While many physicians strive to deliver this type of personalized care, the realities of our healthcare system and supply-and-demand constraints often do not allow it.


Proactive vs. Reactive

In the majority of cases, aside from an annual physical, we seek out physicians when we get sick. In many ways, the US medical system is actually more “sick care” driven than “proactive health management” driven. PinnacleCare provides personalized health advisory services that proactively support better health outcomes – facilitating access to a broad spectrum of physical and behavioral health experts who specialize in disease prevention, early diagnosis, and advanced treatments. We check in with you on an ongoing basis to assess your health risk profiles, needs, wishes and concerns – orchestrating appropriate resources to facilitate a more personalized approach to the care you need to stay healthy for the long term.


Specialty Care vs. Primary Care

While primary care physicians may be able to provide a local referral within their provider network for cardiology or orthopedics, their experience is often limited when it comes to more complex and ongoing problems such as those relating to advanced cancers, minimally invasive heart surgery, autism, sleep disorders, chemical addictions, and other multi-faceted health problems. With PinnacleCare, you have quick access to a broad team of healthcare professionals with deep experience across all major medical specialties and a Medical Advisory Board of over 75 world-renowned specialists. We leverage these resources and our relationships with top healthcare providers to personalize your healthcare experience, bringing you evidence-based research and coordinating your access to specialists based on your individual needs, not the needs of the “generic” patient.


Unbiased vs. Subjective

Primary care physicians tend to refer patients to a network of local specialists they know well. Sometimes it’s exactly the right specialist you need, but at times there may be a better specialist regionally or nationally who has a greater depth of experience. That experience is especially important with a critical or complex medical issue. It is important to avoid starting down a treatment path that may not be in your best interest. For example, while many surgeons are very good at the surgery they perform; they may not be as well versed in alternative approaches that might offer a better or more cost-effective solution. PinnacleCare employs a medical research team of MDs and PhDs, supported by our Medical Advisory Board, to provide the breadth of knowledge and experience required to meet your personalized needs. As your independent advisor, we represent your best interest in laying out a personalized health strategy and treatment plan, eliminating any bias associated with healthcare provider or insurers. We base our referral recommendations on what is best for you, in accordance with your personalized preferences.


Global vs. Local

Most primary care physicians, by the nature of their practice, can help you in your hometown. But what if you own multiple homes or if you get sick on a vacation or business trip away from home? How do you coordinate your ongoing medical care when you are on a ski trip, on a cruise, or in a foreign country? PinnacleCare can connect you with the resources you need no matter where you happen to live or where you are when you need care. With our comprehensive memberships, a hotline is available 24/7 and staffed with emergency physicians to help you orchestrate your care around the world.

PinnacleCare personalizes your healthcare experience

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