PinnacleCare Highlighted by Top Financial Pro in Barron’s Guide to a Healthy, Wealthy, and Wiser Retirement

The cover of the September 10th issue of Barron’s featured interviews with top financial advisors for their thoughts on managing a family’s financial expectations and the long-term preservation of their wealth and health. Mary Deatherage, financial analyst for Morgan Stanley, highlighted PinnacleCare as Morgan Stanley’s go-to resource for healthcare issues , often referring PinnacleCare’s health advisory services to her clients.

“We work with PinnacleCare.  They’ll help our clients find a doctor, make sure their prescription plans aren’t duplicated, choose the right hospital, and get a second opinion right away.  They work with everyone from newborns to seniors.,” Deatherage said. “It is such a relief for the family to have an advocate.”

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