A serious healthcare challenge can strike when you least expect it.

Let PinnacleCare guide you to the best healthcare available.

Mother joins son's fight to conquer leukemia

  • Is the diagnosis correct?
  • What doctors are best?
  • Which facility has the best outcomes?
  • Is surgery necessary or is there a better option?

PinnacleCare provides the peace of mind that comes with having an objective, unbiased resource to help guide you and your family through your most pressing healthcare challenges.

PinnacleCare will:

  • phone-smHELP you better understand your diagnosis and treatment options
  • file-smCOLLECT, organize, and review your medical records
  • doc-smIDENTIFY a top medical expert to confirm the details of your diagnosis and appropriate treatment options
  • calendar-smFACILITATE and schedule your appointment in an expedited manner
  • arrow-smCOORDINATE transfer of medical records for review prior to your scheduled appointment
  • checklist-smFOLLOW-UP with you to ensure you are on the right path


  • Individual: $225/year
  • Family*: $395/year

*Family coverage includes individual, spouse/partner, and dependents

Your benefit will be effective 30 days from when you enroll. You will also receive email reminders 60 and 30 days prior to your annual renewal date.


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