Trust PinnacleCare to improve the healthcare experience while delivering tangible results.

High-touch, More Intimate Member Experience 1-on-1 Personal Health Advisor

PinnacleCare’s Concierge approach to delivering a better health care experience is what sets us apart from our competitors. A health advisor develops a relationship with each member and that one advisor supports them throughout their entire engagement and gets them access to top medical specialists.

Realized Savings as an Offset to Costs Our Cost-Saving Calculator

The Value Calculator defines the measurable impact of PinnacleCare's health advisory services for groups by using employer medical claims data, PinnacleCare's claims analysis tools and engagement variables to quantify financial value.

Better Outcomes, Fewer High-Cost Claims High-Cost Claims Management

PinnacleCare specializes in the top 5-10% of high cost claimants that account for 60-70% of all healthcare costs, helping you regain control of your healthcare costs. Research from the Rand Corporation revealed that just over 30% of everyday surgical procedures were conducted for reasons not supported by clinical research – and many may have been harmful to patients.

PinnacleCare offers employers solutions that drive better outcomes. Our solutions integrate with your benefit plan design, fostering a holistic approach to healthcare.

Group Services

Advisor Support

Our health advisors, supported by a team of medical experts, work with the Member throughout the decision-making process.


Facilitated Appointment

A Client Advisor will schedule an expedited appointment for you with a top specialist at a center of excellence or with a specialist you have chosen from a report.

Medical Records & Case Review

PinnacleCare will gather, organize, review and transfer relevant medical records and images in advance of a facilitated appointment so the doctor have everything he/she needs.

Doctor and Patient

Expert Second Opinion

PinnacleCare has standing relationships with the world’s leading Medical Centers of Excellence, which enables us to connect individuals with the best specialists and treatment options for a specific medical need.

Couple reviewing paperwork at home


PinnacleCare produces medical intelligence reports for specific medical conditions, diseases or health topics and physician referral reports identifying top specialists including their background, areas of specialty, board certifications and more.


Virtual Consultation

We can facilitate virtual consultations with specialists at a variety of world renowned medical institutions for guidance and direction on diagnosis and recommended treatment options when a visit is not possible.



High-Cost Claims Management

Proactive Outreach & Access

Executive Programs

Second Opinions

Specialty Medicine

Concierge 1:1 Advisor Support

Vendor Integration

Behavioral health

Employee Engagement

Treatment Decision Support

Workforce Wellbeing & Talent Retention

Claims Advocacy

Benefits to both employees and employers all lead to impactful clinical outcomes.