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Genetic link to breast cancer
Dec 30 2014

Scientists uncover new genetic link to breast cancer. Are you at risk?

Personalized Healthcare  •  By Miles Varn

By the end of 2014, doctors in the U.S. will have diagnosed more than 232,000 new cases of breast cancer. For some women, this disease has a strong link to mutations in the BRCA genes. Now, a study published a few months ago in the New England Journal of Medicine uncovered a possible new relationship between... Read More

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Happy holidays from PinnacleCare
Dec 23 2014

Happy Holidays from PinnacleCare

Blog  •  By Miles Varn

All of us at PinnacleCare wish you and your family the healthiest and happiest of holiday seasons. We hope you have the time to relax and enjoy good times, good conversation, and good cheer with the people in your life who mean the most to you. We are here to help and guide you whenever... Read More

Surgery or Physical Therapy
Dec 18 2014

Do you need surgery or physical therapy? A second opinion can help you decide

Second Opinion  •  By Miles Varn

If you’re living with a musculoskeletal problem, simple movements like walking up the stairs, washing your hair or typing an email can cause pain in your muscles and joints. Once the pain caused by an illness or injury makes movement difficult, you’ll want to see a physician who can treat the root cause of your... Read More

Preventing dangerous blood clots when traveling
Dec 17 2014

3 Tips for Preventing DVT and Blood Clots During Travel

Travel Health  •  By Miles Varn

If you’re traveling this holiday season, you should know what steps to take to lower your risk of developing blood clots in your legs that can cause serious, sometimes fatal, health problems. Long flights or travel by car can keep you from moving around, which increases the risk that these abnormal clots will form. However,... Read More

make the most of doctor's appointment
Dec 11 2014

6 ways to make the most of your doctor’s appointment

Personalized Healthcare  •  By Miles Varn

One of the most common concerns you’ll hear about healthcare is that people feel that their doctor’s appointments are rushed and they don’t get enough time to ask questions. With the addition of millions of newly insured Americans, doctors’ schedules are getting even tighter, with appointments lasting an average of just seven to 12 minutes.... Read More

Dec 9 2014

How can you make the transition to a new home smoother for aging relatives?

Family Caregiving  •  By Miles Varn

Most people prefer to live as independently as possible for as long as they can. If you’re taking care of an older relative, you’d like to help them achieve that goal, too. However, certain health issues can become obstacles to independent living, and sometimes your only option is to help your relative move somewhere else,... Read More

Chemotherapy-induced hair loss
Dec 4 2014

Tips for managing hair loss during chemotherapy

Disease Management  •  By Miles Varn

While chemotherapy may be the most appropriate and effective treatment option for many breast cancer patients, like most treatments, it can cause side effects. Because chemotherapy drugs kill cells that quickly divide, which is how most tumor and cancer cells grow, they can also affect other healthy cells in the body that divide and grow... Read More

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5 common infections among college students
Dec 2 2014

5 Common Infections Among College Students

Preventive Care  •  By Miles Varn

Though young adults finally get to be on their own, away from their parents, they still have to remember to keep themselves healthy when they move to college and spend their days on and around campus. A busy schedule doesn’t always make it easy to venture out for exercise or groceries. Combined with the usual... Read More

Nov 25 2014

5 ways to load up on antioxidants this Thanksgiving

Preventive Care  •  By Miles Varn

Every Thanksgiving, conscientious eaters worry about foods that they should avoid. They may pass on the butter, opt for white meat or skip dessert altogether. However, healthy eating isn’t just about knowing what to skip. It’s also about picking out the things that are actually good for you. Given the variety of foods brought to... Read More

neurological symptoms of rheumatic disease
Nov 20 2014

Are Your Neurological Symptoms Really Rheumatic Disease?

Second Opinion  •  By Miles Varn

About 46 million people in the U.S. are living with rheumatic diseases. This class of illnesses – which include lupus, systemic vasculitis, ankylosing spondylitis, gout and various forms of arthritis – impacts the joints, soft tissues and immune system. Some of these diseases may also cause neurological symptoms, such as headache or seizures. If these neurological... Read More