A new resource for personalized healthcare

July 25, 2013 in Personalized Healthcare  •  By Miles Varn

There are literally thousands of sources for personalized healthcare and wellness advisory information available on the Internet, so why are we creating one more? When you search a health concern, like heart disease or how to reduce your cancer risk, you’re bombarded with results. Googling heart disease, for example, delivers a staggering 244,000,000 results. Some connect you to reliable sources like top hospitals, the National Institutes of Health, the CDC, U. S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) and non-profit organizations that carefully vet the information they provide, like the American Heart Association. Others can lead you to information that’s not appropriate for your situation or even inaccurate.

How can you reduce your disease risk?

With millions of potential resources available with the click of a mouse, how do you effectively filter that sea of information to find objective, proven guidance on complex medical problems and ways to improve your health and longevity? You can follow our new blog. Our goal is to cull through the deluge of data and opinions and provide you with information you can trust on a wide range of health topics.

As an ER physician for 16 years, I’ve seen first-hand the devastating effects that illness has on individuals and families. That experience intensified my commitment to helping people do all that they can to reduce their risk of developing conditions that might be preventable.

Over the past eight years, I have had the pleasure of visiting top centers of excellence around the country and meeting with senior executives and practicing physician leaders and researchers. The good news is that there are a number of incredibly valuable resources—both surgical and nonsurgical—for complex problems. There are great resources for helping you live a long and healthy life. The bad news is that you have to educate yourself thoroughly to determine what is best for you, where you should go for care, and how you make sure that you determine your own destiny. You deserve to know your choices and where to go to maximize the opportunity for the best outcome for you.

Know the risks

Safeguarding your health starts with knowing the risks and what you can do every day to reduce your own risk. We’ll provide insights into new studies, help you make sense of the health information you hear on the nightly news or read in the media, and provide practical, evidence-based advice on steps you can take to improve your health and wellbeing and reduce your risk of disease. We also hope to empower you to make the healthcare decisions that are right for you as a unique individual.

I have always believed and taught that being invited to participate in someone’s healthcare decision-making process is an honor and a privilege. Think of our blog as your trusted source for the critical information you need to lead your healthiest life.

Look for advice on the keys steps you should be taking to improve your health in future blogs.