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What's your plan for optimal health?
Aug 18 2015

How do you build a personalized health strategy?

Personalized Healthcare  •  By Cindy Piazza

This is the first in a series of posts designed to help you plan your strategy for optimal health throughout all the phases of your life. Having a well thought out plan is an important foundation for reaching all kinds of significant life goals, from choosing a college to buying a home, making an investment,... Read More

liquid biopsy
Jun 23 2015

“Liquid biopsy” may help monitor cancer treatment effectiveness

Personalized Healthcare  •  By Miles Varn

Biopsies are frequently used as a tool to monitor whether cancer treatment is working and whether the disease has developed resistance to current treatment. But researchers have been looking for a less invasive way to achieve the same end. A new study, led by physicians at the National Cancer Institute, found that a blood test... Read More

Get the most out of your health insurance
Jun 4 2015

What you need to know to get the most out of your health insurance

Personalized Healthcare  •  By Cindy Piazza

To get the full benefit out of your health insurance plan, you need to understand how your plan works, what it pays, what you’re responsible for paying, and what services, doctors and hospitals are included in your plan. This primer on health insurance basics will help you get the information you need to get the... Read More

Apr 28 2015

Why it’s important to understand that prescription drugs aren’t one-size-fits-all

Personalized Healthcare  •  By Miles Varn

A man and a woman each visit their doctor and leave with a prescription for the tricyclic antidepressant Elavil. The prescriptions are for the same dosage of the drug, but what many people don’t know is that the drug may not work as well for the female patient as the male. This is one of... Read More

healthcare plan
Apr 21 2015

What Is A Health Advisor and Why Do You Need One?

Personalized Healthcare  •  By Miles Varn

For many people, healthcare is something they only think about when they’re sick, but that approach can leave you scrambling if you do develop a health problem. A wiser strategy is to take a proactive approach to healthcare planning, managing your health risks and taking steps to be as healthy as possible. One valuable resource... Read More

precision medicine
Mar 24 2015

What is precision medicine and how can it affect your health?

Personalized Healthcare  •  By Miles Varn

With the president’s recent announcement of $215 million in funding for a new precision medicine initiative, you may have questions about what precision medicine is and wonder what effect this approach to healthcare may mean for you and your family. Here are the basics you should know. Traditionally, medical treatment has been primarily reactive. A... Read More

Informed medical decisions
Feb 26 2015

Three Keys steps for making Informed Medical Decision

Personalized Healthcare  •  By Miles Varn

Every year, there are new options for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and health issues. Having a variety of choices, however, can make the process of making medical decisions more complex and confusing. But three simple steps can guide you through the decision-making process to more informed medical decisions. Start by gathering information... Read More

take control of health
Feb 17 2015

Are you an empowered patient? How to take control of your health

Personalized Healthcare  •  By Miles Varn

A generation ago, most people’s approach to healthcare was to follow “doctor’s orders.” The physician controlled the relationship and all decisions about testing, treatments and medications. That passive model of healthcare is no longer the norm. Today, most people want to be informed, active partners in their care. So, what steps do you need to... Read More

Medical records and patients rights
Jan 22 2015

Need copies of your health records? Know your rights

Personalized Healthcare  •  By Miles Varn

If you’re moving to another state or simply want to change doctors, receiving the best care from your new provider depends in part on whether he or she has a complete record of your medical history. To make sure your new physician has this information, you first need to obtain copies of the medical records... Read More

new vaccine slows breast cancer
Jan 20 2015

New vaccine slows the progression of breast cancer in initial trial

Personalized Healthcare  •  By Miles Varn

For several decades, researchers have been working to develop vaccines that help the body’s own immune system to fight cancer. Recently, researchers at Washington University School of Medicine tested a breast cancer vaccine they developed and the results were encouraging, which may open a new avenue for women facing this disease. The new vaccine causes... Read More

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