Category: Personalized Healthcare

Sep 20 2013

Personalized therapy for cancer: New hope for patients

Personalized Healthcare  •  By Miles Varn

For decades, certain cancers were difficult or impossible to battle, meaning that patients frequently lived only months after diagnosis. A recent Wall Street Journal article and video  highlights the significant progress that’s being made in developing drugs that target the specific genetic mutations linked to the development of certain cancers and the impact this is... Read More

Jul 25 2013

A new resource for personalized healthcare

Personalized Healthcare  •  By Miles Varn

There are literally thousands of sources for personalized healthcare and wellness advisory information available on the Internet, so why are we creating one more? When you search a health concern, like heart disease or how to reduce your cancer risk, you’re bombarded with results. Googling heart disease, for example, delivers a staggering 244,000,000 results. Some... Read More