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What steps should you take after a second opinion?
Aug 30 2016

What are the Next Steps After a Medical Second Opinion?

Second Opinion  •  By Miles Varn

If you’ve been diagnosed with a serious or complex health condition or if you’ve received a recommendation for surgery, your next step should be to consider seeking a second opinion from a physician who has experience diagnosing and treating your condition. A second opinion is an important tool that can help you avoid an incorrect... Read More

How to protect yourself from misdiagnosis
Nov 17 2015

The growing risk of misdiagnosis and how to protect yourself

Second Opinion  •  By Miles Varn

A recent report issued by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) included an alarming statistic: 12 million adults in the U.S. who seek outpatient medical care experience a diagnostic error each year in the form of an incorrect, missed or late diagnosis. The report’s authors conclude that most people will experience at least one diagnostic error... Read More

A second opinion could change your diagnosis
Nov 10 2015

Get the right diagnosis with a second opinion

Second Opinion  •  By Miles Varn

Misdiagnosis is a significant problem in the U.S. Studies have found that between 10 and 20 percent of cases are misdiagnosed and approximately 12 million people who seek outpatient care for a health problem experience a diagnostic error such as an incorrect, late, or missed diagnosis. The best way to protect yourself from these errors... Read More

Oct 27 2015

Diagnosed with Cancer? Get a Cancer Second Opinion

Second Opinion  •  By Miles Varn

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, one of the first steps you should take is to seek a second opinion on the pathology used to make the diagnosis. Why is a second opinion so important in this situation? A growing number of studies have found that a second opinion on pathology can help you avoid... Read More

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surgical second opinion
Jul 30 2015

Three Important Reasons Why You Should Get a Medical Second Opinion

Second Opinion  •  By Miles Varn

If you’ve been diagnosed with a serious, complex, or rare medical condition or your physician has told you that you need surgery, the next step you take should be to seek a second opinion. What difference can a second opinion make? A very significant one in many cases. Reason #1: To protect yourself against misdiagnosis... Read More

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Importance of second opinions
Apr 9 2015

Data shows second opinions can change the course of your healthcare

Second Opinion  •  By Miles Varn

According to a survey conducted by Gallup, only about 30 percent of Americans feel the need to seek a medical second opinion or gather additional information about their health problem or proposed treatment. But second opinions are crucial, especially for people who are diagnosed with complex or serious health conditions, because medicine is an art... Read More

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second opinion protects from incorrect diagnosis
Mar 3 2015

Five situations when second opinions matter most

Second Opinion  •  By Miles Varn

A second opinion can be one of the most valuable tools you have to ensure that you’re getting the most accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Misdiagnosis is more common than most people realize. One study found that delayed, missed and incorrect diagnoses occur in 10 to 20 percent of cases. And these errors don’t only... Read More

Do you really need knee replacement surgery?
Jan 29 2015

Why You May Not Need Knee Replacement Surgery

Second Opinion  •  By Miles Varn

In the past decade and a half, there’s been a marked increase in the number of people who undergo knee replacement surgery. Fifteen years ago, approximately 250,000 Americans had the procedure. By 2012, the number of knee replacements grew to more than 600,000 per year. There are several factors that may be contributing to this... Read More

Surgery or Physical Therapy
Dec 18 2014

Do you need surgery or physical therapy? A second opinion can help you decide

Second Opinion  •  By Miles Varn

If you’re living with a musculoskeletal problem, simple movements like walking up the stairs, washing your hair or typing an email can cause pain in your muscles and joints. Once the pain caused by an illness or injury makes movement difficult, you’ll want to see a physician who can treat the root cause of your... Read More

neurological symptoms of rheumatic disease
Nov 20 2014

Are Your Neurological Symptoms Really Rheumatic Disease?

Second Opinion  •  By Miles Varn

About 46 million people in the U.S. are living with rheumatic diseases. This class of illnesses – which include lupus, systemic vasculitis, ankylosing spondylitis, gout and various forms of arthritis – impacts the joints, soft tissues and immune system. Some of these diseases may also cause neurological symptoms, such as headache or seizures. If these neurological... Read More