back pain
Nov 1 2022

Proactive steps to lower your risk of back pain

Healthy Living  •  By Miles Varn, MD

If you’ve ever experienced back pain, you know how much it can disrupt your life. Back pain can make it nearly impossible to sit, stand, move, or lie down comfortably. That means it’s difficult to sleep, work, or go up and down stairs. Back pain is an extremely common problem, with 80% of people in... Read More

breast cancer
Oct 25 2022

Strategies for women at an increased risk for breast cancer

Health Risk Management  •  By Miles Varn, MD

Although the majority of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer do not have a family history of the disease, approximately 5% to 10% of breast cancers occur in women with inherited gene mutations. These women are considered to be at an increased risk of developing breast and ovarian cancers during their lives. The most... Read More

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integrative oncology
Oct 18 2022

Integrative oncology helps people feel their best during cancer treatment

Complementary & Integrative Medicine  •  By Michael Scott, ND, MSA

We talked with Dr. Chad Aschtgen, ND, FABNO, and Dr. Erica Joseph, ND, LAC, FABNO, two of the physicians at Seattle Integrative Oncology, about integrative cancer care. Dr. Aschtgen, founder of Seattle Integrative Oncology, is a board certified expert in naturopathic oncology. He received his doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University and is an... Read More

Oct 11 2022

Is isolation affecting your health?

Healthy Living  •  By Miles Varn, MD

Even before the pandemic, isolation and loneliness were growing problems that contributed to a range mental and physical health issues. Then the pandemic struck and people around the world were encouraged to separate themselves from others to slow the spread of COVID and protect their health, raising reported levels of loneliness even higher. While many... Read More

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Oct 4 2022

Tips to help you get the most out of therapy

Uncategorized  •  By Miles Varn, MD

If you’re thinking about starting therapy or are already seeing a mental health provider, there are steps you can take to help you get the greatest benefit from your therapy sessions. If you haven’t started therapy yet, the first step is to look for a provider who has experience treating the issue you face, whether... Read More

medical gaslighting
Sep 27 2022

Medical gaslighting: What is it and how can it affect your health?

Disease Management  •  By Miles Varn, MD

Going to the doctor and having your symptoms or concerns dismissed or downplayed is more than a frustrating experience. This failure of your healthcare provider to listen to you and take the symptoms you report seriously can lead to misdiagnosis and significantly delayed diagnosis of a serious health issue. This behavior by medical professionals is... Read More

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heart rate variability
Sep 20 2022

How does heart rate variability affect your health?

Complementary & Integrative Medicine, Wellness  •  By Michael Scott, ND, MSA

If you wear a fitness tracker, you may have noticed a category you’re not familiar with—heart rate variability (HRV). We talked with Brad S. Lichtenstein, ND, BCB, BCB-HRV, a member of our Medical Advisory Board, naturopathic physician, and a former professor and clinical faculty member at Bastyr University about what HRV is and how it... Read More

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medical history
Sep 13 2022

Why sharing your complete medical history matters

Health Risk Management  •  By Miles Varn, MD

It’s your first visit to an orthopedist for knee pain. As you complete your pre-appointment paperwork, you focus on the symptoms you’re experiencing and the treatments your primary care physician has recommended before referring you to a specialist. You don’t mention that you had surgery on the ankle on the opposite leg a few years... Read More

natural disasters
Aug 30 2022

Natural disasters: How to be medically prepared

Health Risk Management  •  By Miles Varn, MD

Snowstorms in Texas. Floods in the South. Wildfires in the West. Powerful hurricanes like 2021’s Category 4 Ida, which caused numerous deaths and millions in property damage from Louisiana to New England. As the U.S. and the world are confronted with an increasing number of natural disasters being prepared before a disaster strikes becomes even... Read More

back to school
Aug 23 2022

Back to school: How to support your child’s mental health

Family Caregiving  •  By Miles Varn, MD

Many children have butterflies when heading back to school. Will they like their new teacher? Will their friends be in their class? What if they forget their homework? But beyond these typical worries, some school age children experience higher levels of anxiety and other mental health issues like depression. The disruptions of the pandemic—remote learning,... Read More