healthcare documents
Jun 23 2020

What healthcare documents do you need at each life stage?

Family Caregiving  •  By Miles Varn, MD

If your 19-year-old college student ended up in the hospital, would you be able to get the information you need about her condition from the doctors treating her? What if your parents were having trouble managing multiple doctor’s appointments? If your spouse or partner had a heart attack, would you be able to make medical... Read More

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medical jargon
Jun 16 2020

How to translate your doctor’s medical jargon

Disease Management  •  By Miles Varn, MD

Would you understand if your doctor told you your EKG was unremarkable or your condition was idiopathic? Like all professions, medicine has its own vocabulary. Unfortunately, most patients aren’t fluent in the language of medical jargon and many doctors don’t provide plain English explanations when sharing information, test results, or recommendations with their patients. That... Read More

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summer safety
Jun 9 2020

Four tips for a safer summer

Family Caregiving  •  By Miles Varn, MD

The combination of nice weather and cabin fever from stay -at-home rules to curb the spread of COVID-19 probably have you wanting to spend as much time outdoors and active as you can on sunny summer days. These tips can help you and your family have a safer, healthier summer. Protect yourself from the summer... Read More

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large medical bills
Jun 2 2020

Strategies to Help You Plan for and Manage Large Medical Bills

Health finance  •  By Miles Varn, MD

Whether they’re the result of an unexpected illness or injury, out-of-network care, a high cost medical procedure like joint replacement or organ transplant, or a common but costly medical expense such as labor and delivery, large medical bills not only affect your financial wellbeing, they can also impact your health. The stress caused by high... Read More

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May 26 2020

Tips to help you prepare for your telehealth appointment

Disease Management  •  By Miles Varn, MD

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and concern about being exposed to the virus, more people are using telehealth or virtual visits rather than in-person visits with their doctors. Physicians in a wide range of specialties, from primary care and pediatrics to cardiology, oncology, and mental health, are offering their patients the option of conducting some... Read More

May 19 2020

How reliable is the COVID-19 information you’re getting online?

Disease Management  •  By Miles Varn, MD

There’s a seemingly endless amount of information about COVID-19 available online, but unfortunately not all of it is accurate. In fact, some of it is purposely misleading or dangerous. To ensure that the information you’re reading and the advice you’re getting is based on scientific evidence rather than speculation or misinformation, it’s wise to carefully... Read More

young children
May 12 2020

Tips for explaining the COVID-19 pandemic to young children

Family Caregiving  •  By Miles Varn, MD

By now, even young children are well aware that there’s something unusual and alarming going on in the world around them. In addition to hearing parents and caregivers talk about the COVID-19 pandemic, they may also have seen disturbing images on the news or noticed that their caregivers are more anxious or sad than usual... Read More

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May 5 2020

How to vet telemedicine providers

Disease Management  •  By Miles Varn, MD

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, more people are trying telemedicine services rather than going to the doctor’s office or hospital to receive care. In fact, many primary care physicians are encouraging their patients to use virtual visits to limit the risk of being exposed to someone with the virus. You can even use telemedicine to... Read More

Apr 28 2020

What it’s like to be diagnosed with cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic

Disease Management  •  By Miles Varn, MD

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has created one of the largest, most difficult health challenges the U.S. has encountered in decades, people are still facing the serious health problems they always have, from heart attacks and strokes and serious injuries from accidents to all kinds of cancer. One of our members shared her experience of being... Read More

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Apr 21 2020

Helping your older parents and relatives deal with self-isolation

Family Caregiving  •  By Miles Varn, MD

Because older people are more at risk for complications from COVID-19, independent and assisted living communities around the U.S. have banned visitors and are encouraging residents to remain within the community and, in some cases, in their apartments as much as possible. Even older people who don’t live in a senior living community may be... Read More