Topic: Eldercare

Nov 8 2016

Strategies that can improve how older patients fare after being in the hospital

Family Caregiving  •  By Miles Varn

Being hospitalized can have a significant, ongoing impact on the health of older patients. Even when the treatment of the illness or injury that brought them to the hospital is successful, many older patients leave the hospital physically weaker, with cognitive issues like confusion, or with psychological issues like depression and anxiety that can have... Read More

Lower your risk of cognitive impairment
Aug 16 2016

Lifestyle changes may reduce your risk of cognitive impairment

Preventive Care  •  By Miles Varn

Cognitive impairment—problems with memory, focus, language, and the ability to multitask—affects millions of older people in the U.S. Many assume that these problems are a natural result of aging, but several studies have found that there are a number of lifestyle changes you can make that may lower your risk of cognitive impairment or slow... Read More

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How attitude affects healthy aging
Jul 26 2016

Healthy aging: Studies identify a new link to longevity

Preventive Care  •  By Miles Varn

Healthy aging depends on many different factors, from your genetic makeup to lifestyle choices, such as exercise, weight, and stress management, and health problems and illnesses you develop over your lifetime. There is, however, another factor that researchers have found may have a significant impact on your health and how long you live—your attitude about... Read More

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Healthy travel for young children and older adults
Jun 21 2016

Healthy travel tips for children and older adults

Family Caregiving  •  By Miles Varn

If you’re planning a trip with your whole family, there are some important healthy travel tips that can help make your vacation a safer and healthier one for the youngest and oldest members of your family. By planning ahead, you can lower the risk of some health issues and make sure you’re prepared to handle... Read More

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Live healthier with arthritis
Jun 7 2016

Tips to help you live healthier with arthritis

Disease Management  •  By Miles Varn

If you’re one of the more than 52 million adults in the U.S. living with arthritis, there are lifestyle changes you can make to help manage your symptoms better and maintain your mobility. Many of these changes not only help your joints, they can also have a positive effect on your heart, brain, and overall... Read More

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parents have access to the doctors they need
Nov 3 2015

How to make sure the doctor shortage doesn’t impact your aging parents

Family Caregiving  •  By Miles Varn

As the number of older Americans continues to grow significantly, many are facing problems finding physicians who are trained and experienced in treating the health problems that become more common with age. But there are steps you can take to help ensure that your parents have access to the physicians they need. Why can’t I... Read More

9 factors that may increase Alzheimer's risk
Oct 20 2015

How to combat the 9 factors that could raise your risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Preventive Care  •  By Miles Varn

There are about 5.3 million people in the U.S. living with Alzheimer’s disease and more than 33 million worldwide. As the U.S. population ages, the number is projected to increase 40 percent and reach 7.1 million people in just 10 years. But the findings of a recent study suggest there are steps you can take... Read More

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lower your risk of osteoporosis
Sep 22 2015

Take these steps to lower your osteoporosis risk

Preventive Care  •  By Miles Varn

Osteoporosis will affect one in three women and one in five men in their lifetime. That’s why it’s never too early to start making the lifestyle changes that can help protect your bones from this disease. The first step is to talk with your doctor about your personal risk factors and what you can do... Read More

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advanced care plan
Jun 11 2015

Why you shouldn’t wait to make an advanced care plan

Disease Management  •  By Miles Varn

When you’re healthy, it’s natural not to think about what might happen if you experienced a serious illness or injury. But this is actually the best time to consider the many complex issues that surround a life-threatening health issue. What steps should you take now to ensure you receive the care you want if you’re... Read More

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macular degeneration
Apr 23 2015

Study finds non-drug treatments more effective for dementia symptoms

Family Caregiving  •  By Miles Varn

If a family member or friend is living with dementia, you know that beyond the most well-known symptoms of memory loss and confusion, there are other common behavioral and psychological symptoms that can be very challenging to manage, such as aggressive behavior, wandering, anxiety, agitation and insomnia. Many people are prescribed anti-psychotic medications to lessen... Read More