Topic: Healthy Sleep

Man comfortably sleeping in his bed at night
Apr 15 2014

Medication-free strategies for dealing with insomnia

Healthy Living  •  By Miles Varn

Difficulty falling asleep at night can negatively affect your mood, productivity at work and ability to interact with coworkers and family. To help combat this problem, a health care provider may prescribe medications, some of which may cause adverse reactions. Fortunately, there are several medication-free strategies for dealing with insomnia that can promote a full and restful night’s sleep. Read More

Aug 19 2013

Healthy sleep: one of five keys to health and wellness

Preventive Care  •  By Miles Varn

On the most basic level, we all want to live a long and healthy life. While material possessions, career success, and other achievements can enhance our lives, the most essential element of living well is your overall health and wellness. So, what steps do you need to take to guard and improve your health? Read More