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surgeon's experience
Dec 1 2020

Your surgeon’s experience can mean the difference between a good outcome and a poor one

Health Risk Management  •  By Miles Varn, MD

If your doctor has recommended surgery, there are two important steps you should take before agreeing to undergo any procedure. First, seek a second opinion from a physician who has extensive experience treating people with your diagnosis. A second opinion can change or confirm your diagnosis and treatment plan and may provide you with other,... Read More

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virtual consultations
Mar 10 2020

Virtual consultations expand your access to expert specialists

Second Opinion  •  By Miles Varn, MD

Virtual access to physicians isn’t new. Patients have benefited from virtual second opinions for years and more recently, have been able to quickly and conveniently connect with physicians through computer and smartphone apps that put them in touch with primary care physicians, pediatricians, and mental health providers. What is new is virtual access to a... Read More

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Jan 30 2018

These steps can help you avoid being readmitted to the hospital

Health Risk Management  •  By Miles Varn

If you’ve recently been released from the hospital, there’s a risk you may not be aware of—being readmitted to the hospital within the month after your release. That risk is greater for older people and people who were hospitalized due to heart failure, heart attack, and pneumonia. There are many different reasons why people are... Read More

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second opinion
Oct 24 2017

How to Ask for a Medical Second Opinion

Second Opinion  •  By Miles Varn

There are a number of different situations when you might want to get a second opinion on your diagnosis or treatment plan. It’s wise to consider getting a second opinion if you’re diagnosed with a serious, complex, or rare condition or if your doctor has recommended elective (non-emergency) surgery like joint replacement or a hysterectomy.... Read More

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How to advocate for a loved one in the hospital
Oct 10 2017

How to be an effective advocate for a loved one in the hospital

Health Risk Management  •  By Miles Varn

Being in the hospital can be stressful and confusing. It can be difficult to get the information you need from your doctors and healthcare team, ensure all members of the team are communicating to lower the risk of medical errors and inappropriate testing and care, and make medical decisions when you’re ill or injured and... Read More

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living with dementia
Sep 26 2017

Hip or knee pain? Consider these non-surgical approaches to pain relief.

Disease Management  •  By Miles Varn

Hip and knee pain, two of the most common causes of chronic pain, can be caused by a wide range of conditions, from arthritis to injuries and pinched nerves. While there are a number of surgical approaches used to treat these types of joint pain, you may want to try non-surgical approaches before considering surgery.... Read More

hip or knee replacement
Aug 8 2017

Considering hip or knee replacement? This checklist can help you decide

Disease Management  •  By Miles Varn

If you’re thinking about hip or knee replacement, you’re not alone. Statistics from a Mayo Clinic study found that in a 10 year period, the number of people who underwent hip replacement more than doubled to 300,000 people per year. This was an increase of 92% in people 75 and older and 205% in people... Read More

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back surgery
Jul 25 2017

Factors that Affect a Successful Back Surgery

Disease Management  •  By Miles Varn

If your doctor has recommended back surgery for chronic back pain, your next step should be to learn about the factors that may affect the outcome of your surgery. Understanding the potential risks and benefits of surgery and what you can do to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome are the keys to making... Read More

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