UChicago Medicine Launches Virtual Consultation Services Through PinnacleCare for Second Opinions

July 30, 2019

Patients, Families Gain Access to Top Medical Specialists and World’s Most Advanced Centers of Excellence When Facing Complex Medical Issues

BALTIMORE –  PinnacleCare, the premier health advisory firm, today announced that University of Chicago Medicine, an academic health system and a leading center of excellence, has launched remote second opinion services through the PinnacleCare VirtualConnect platform.

This valuable tool eliminates geographic barriers to expert medical care around the globe enabling patients to access medical reviews and remote second opinions without the need for travel or medical transport.

“The online platform is easy to use for physicians and patients and aligns with our strategic focus on using technology to improve access and convenience for patients who are not able to travel to us for care,” said Nida Shekhani, executive director of business development and international programs at UChicago Medicine, based in Chicago’s historic Hyde Park neighborhood.

Access through remote second opinion services provides a seamless way for families to create a remote dialogue with top providers they may have otherwise been unable to reach. A remote second opinion offers patients a source for answers to their questions and also provides them with a support system at a time when they are particularly vulnerable.

“Often remote second opinions from top medical experts can help patients improve outcomes, avoid unnecessary procedures and ineffective treatments and minimize complications. Obviously, our focus is always on the patient’s best interests but we know that the results we see reduce medical costs in the aggregate. This is a win-win for all stakeholders,” said Miles J. Varn, M.D., PinnacleCare’s Chief Medical Officer.

A remote second opinion includes a review of medical records, the collection and transfer of records and images, facilitation of a written consultation report by a physician from UChicago Medicine, a debriefing with the PinnacleCare Medical Director and the transfer of the report to the treating physician or team.

VirtualConnect Example

PinnacleCare’s VirtualConnect platform enabled UChicago Medicine to work with a patient from Indiana who was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). After several rounds of induction therapy, she had not achieved remission and was faced with choosing a new treatment plan. The team at UChicago Medicine reviewed the patient’s case and matched her with an expert in diseases of the bone marrow, including leukemias, lymphomas and multiple myeloma. The expert provided key clinical guidance including expanded molecular testing to guide salvage chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant after successful salvage therapy to boost long–term outcomes.

About PinnacleCare

PinnacleCare is a leading health advisory firm, founded in 2001, that connects individuals to the world’s most advanced healthcare and facilitates access to top specialists for personalized care. We provide a broad range of support to families and organizations – helping our members to avoid unnecessary medical procedures and access the optimal care they deserve. For more information, visit www.pinnaclecare.com.

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