Peace of Mind For His Elderly Mother’s Care

Barry’s mother in Florida has a healthcare advisor that coordinates and attends her appointments, asks the right questions, and keeps Barry informed so that he knows that his mother’s health is always being protected. Watch Now

COVID-19: The Path Forward

Since the beginning of March, PinnacleCare has enlisted the expertise of our research organization, Medical Advisory Board, and Medical Directors to develop fact-based analysis and direction on COVID-19. It is vital to learn the facts about the virus, our nation’s healthcare system, and personal strategies that can positively impact the health and wellbeing of your... Watch Now

Away From Home, But Not Alone

When their daughter’s symptoms began to worsen and providers were struggling to identify the source, Katriona’s parents turned to PinnacleCare. Learn more about their story and how the family was guided – from a review of Katriona’s medical history,  to the elusive diagnosis, and to the ultimate treatment path that sent her on a path... Watch Now

Top Vision Specialist Helped Member See Life Differently

After being told she missed the window for eye surgery, Angela came to PinnacleCare for help. Within a couple of months she was flying to Baltimore to meet with one of the nation’s top corneal specialists to have a life-changing surgery that would help her see without assistance. Watch Now

You Can’t Put a Value on this Level of Care

After Tony found out he had a tumor on his liver, his company’s nurse suggested he contact PinnacleCare to find the best doctors, line up appointments and collect his medical records. Tony and his family found relief and calm during a very difficult time thanks to his attentive health advisor who was there throughout his... Watch Now

On the Right Side, On the Right Path

Michelle was struggling to figure out what to do after she and her young daughter were diagnosed with Celiac disease, an immune disease of the small intestine, when she discovered PinnacleCare. Within months, her personal health advisor got her into the right specialists, helped educate her on proper eating habits and helped the whole family... Watch Now

Going Above and Beyond in Case of a Bad Diagnosis

When Kathy’s grandson was diagnosed with Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), a deadly genetic disease, she discovered she was the carrier for the chromosome. In addition to helping Kathy find a doctor and confirm her diagnosis, PinnacleCare connected Kathy’s daughter with the top ALD expert in the country to prepare, in case her other two children were eventually... Watch Now

Extra Comfort When the Rest of Your Life is in Disarray

A car accident sent Don through a windshield, but his treatment uncovered more troubling health issues than this member was prepared for. Learn how PinnacleCare guided Don through his diagnosis, getting him access to local specialists and quickly into a national Center of Excellence. Watch Now

Global Medical Care for a Traveling Family

For a year-long trip around the world, this member tasked PinnacleCare with creating a set of resources for medical access and care for his family covering every stop along the way. Watch Now

Knee Surgery Avoided Through Second Opinion

This member’s mother was seeing a local doctor for her knee issues, for which she received two very different diagnoses. PinnacleCare stepped in to help her ascertain the correct diagnosis, which allowed her to avoid an unnecessary knee surgery. Watch Now