An Employer HR Perspective

This experienced human resource executive views PinnacleCare as part of her company’s wellbeing continuum, serving as a supportive resource when employees need someone to guide them through their medical challenges and coordinate their access to top specialists and cutting edge treatments. The impact of knowing where to turn and how to access these resources helps to alleviate employees’ stress, allowing them to focus on their work and their loved ones instead of doing research on the internet.

Video transcript 

By having PinnacleCare, it’s a supportive resource for when people are contending with a stressful medical situation and they really don’t know what to do about it. It’s also part of our full continuum in terms of supporting total well-being, in that when somebody is looking at a medical situation, we’ve got the physical aspects but also the mental and the emotional side. And so, Pinnacle fits neatly within that space of being able to provide physical/medical support, but it’s also supporting people’s mental health well-being because it alleviates stress, concern, and provides some real significant support. I think oftentimes under these kinds of situations people are really isolated. We had a situation with one of our employee’s partners where his partner had a situation where he was losing his ability to walk and they really weren’t sure what was going on. They had gone to all the major medical centers in Chicago, they turned to Mayo Clinic, they still couldn’t figure out what was going on. At the time, we didn’t have PinnacleCare, and what he ended up doing was having to leave work to support his partner. I think had we had PinnacleCare at the time, it would have been a great benefit to him to be able to get answers and a direction so that he could be supportive of his partner and also be at work. That’s one of the biggest reasons why we decided to add PinnacleCare to our well-being continuum because people were really spending a lot of time where they weren’t getting the answers or the resolution that they needed, and [they] really didn’t know what direction to go. [Our employees] are going to try and get an answer and oftentimes when it’s not the right answer, they’re going to go and get a second answer and end up spending a lot of money where it’s ulti mately not getting what needs to be done. So by having PinnacleCare, we can mitigate some of those extraneous costs and also time.