Away From Home, But Not Alone

When their daughter’s symptoms began to worsen and providers were struggling to identify the source, Katriona’s parents turned to PinnacleCare. Learn more about their story and how the family was guided – from a review of Katriona’s medical history,  to the elusive diagnosis, and to the ultimate treatment path that sent her on a path to recovery and independence so that she could continue with her college education.


Video Transcript

Katriona’s Mom: She was 130 pounds. We had returned from a wonderful vacation. Over the next several months, her symptoms from a kidney infection were not cured by antibiotics. She was not recovering. Then the diagnosis became more complex as her symptoms became more severe.

Katriona: By May, I was really close to 100 pounds. There’s a good amount that I don’t remember. I was on a lot of medications because every doctor said, “This will help you.” We were just waiting for the bright, white light at the end of the tunnel and after my first hospitalization, it felt like that bright, white light had extinguished itself.

Mom: We were losing ground rapidly and we’re now sorting to take the approach that every day matters in this race to find the right people and the right institutions to get here help. I needed PinnacleCare to step in which completely transformed all of our lives and got Katriona to the point where she is living her dreams again

Katriona: It really helps to know that I have a safety net with PinnacleCare where I can pick up the phone and put in a call to my health advisor and know that within, ya know, however long it takes, I will be in with the best doctors, I’ll have appointments scheduled. It just gives me a better feeling about going back to school and knowing that I can focus more on me and my schoolwork and I have someone else to focus on the more difficult aspects of the healthcare system that I never thought I would have to learn about. PinnacleCare has been incredible in helping take that great weight off not just my shoulders, but my family’s shoulders as well. Knowing that we have someone we can turn to if we have any questions or concerns. I can’t thank PinnacleCare and this system enough for helping me get to a place that I know I can go forward with my life and have a successful and fulfilling and beautiful experience because I don’t have to worry anymore. I have people there to help me and I can’t tell you what a difference that makes to me to know that I’m not alone and my family’s not alone anymore.