Beyond Concierge Medicine

PinnacleCare goes beyond concierge medicine to provide you with an innovative solution to extend to your clients who may be facing a medical crisis or serious diagnosis. By bringing PinnacleCare Private Health Advisors to the table, you bring deep medical research, resources, and access to top specialists and medical centers of excellence across the nation. No stone is left unturned in protecting your client’s most important asset.

Video transcript 

Deb Dominianni, VP of Marketing: We like to think of ourselves as going beyond concierge care. So stepping in when you get that dreaded phone call saying, “Mrs. Smith, your test results came back. We need you to come into the office as soon as possible.” How do you go about getting the answers you need, figuring out what doctors to go to, figuring out what hospitals are the safest and the best?

Naomi Cohen, Director Northeast Member Services: The concierge physicians welcome us because they understand the value of what we do.

Steve Isack, Director of Member Services: The real difference here is that we have connections throughout not only the local community, but also throughout the country.

Dr. Miles Varn, Chief Medical Officer: Any physician, particularly in primary care, is limited by their network. We become an incredible asset to the primary care doctor because we do know where the best specialists are. We do know where the cutting-edge technologies are. We do know where they’re doing the surgeries over and over again and have better outcomes and better data. So we really help them take care of their patients.

Bruce Spector, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board: They’re not going to have the time, because they’re practicing medicine, to serve as the quarterback that PinnacleCare does. Most of us see multiple physicians and there’s no one in the healthcare system that’s paid to coordinate all those physicians, make sure they all have the right information. That’s a big role that PinnacleCare plays.

Rebecca Bux, Manager of Strategic Partner Support: Most of the clients PinnacleCare has been working with for the last decade are very high-profile, well-connected individuals. They can get VIP access at most of these top hospitals if they want to because of their connections. But just because you can call the CEO of a hospital and he can say, “Alright, we can get you in tomorrow”, that doesn’t take care of your medical records. It doesn’t get the pathology slides to that department. It doesn’t coordinate with their office staff and make sure that you’ve had all the necessary tests and procedures you need to have done before seeing that doctor tomorrow. So you may be able to get yourself in, but that doesn’t mean that your connections can facilitate the access in an efficient and streamlined manner for you.

Barry, Family Office CEO/PinnacleCare Member: These are people who can take care of these things 24 hours a day, 7 days a week wherever you are in the world. People have doctors here, but if you’re travelling, if you’re in Europe, you’re in China, wherever you are in the world and you get sick, you have a big problem. You need people that are always available and who are experts in this. So I have been recommending to people and other family offices, and my feeling is I’m doing them a big favor. My job is to find new ideas to help my clients, and PinnacleCare is a new and great idea.