Going Abroad? Be Smart, Go Prepared and Stay Safe

Although no one wants to spend their vacation in a doctor’s office or hospital, accidents and illnesses do happen while traveling abroad. While some travel destinations have the healthcare infrastructures capable of expertly managing travelers’ routine and emergency medical problems, others may have less robust resources, making quality healthcare difficult or impossible to obtain locally.

In this webinar, HTH Worldwide’s Director of Global Health and Safety Resources, Laura Hilton, will help you understand the healthcare landscapes of some popular travel destinations and give tips on choosing an international travel destination that works for your family’s medical needs. She will be joined by Dr. Vanya Gant, Divisional Clinical Director for Infection at University College London Hospitals, who is also responsible for the world-famous Hospital for Tropical Diseases in London and Public Health England’s’ National Travel Network and Advice Centre. Dr. Gant will provide insight into managing travel medical risks and give examples of how those with chronic health issues (diabetes, gastrointestinal conditions, cardiac issues, and mental health conditions) or those with special needs, such as children and pregnant women, can plan for a safe and healthy trip abroad.