Proactive Approach for Busy Executives

PinnacleCare takes a proactive approach with this busy executive, coordinating his executive physicals and making sure that his appointments to maintain an optimal level of health are timely and consistent. Watch Now

Finding a Doctor Who Speaks Your Language

One member saw a dramatic difference between the two options that were given to her following an irregular Pap smear. PinnacleCare helped the member weigh her options and follow through with the best course of treatment. Watch Now

Knee Surgery Avoided Through Second Opinion

This member’s mother was seeing a local doctor for her knee issues, for which she received two very different diagnoses. PinnacleCare stepped in to help her ascertain the correct diagnosis, which allowed her to avoid an unnecessary knee surgery. Watch Now

Rediscovering a Healthy Lifestyle

One member believed that she was in need of an experience to jump start her path back to a higher level of health. PinnacleCare helped her locate a 10-day retreat that fit the bill. Watch Now

Dr. Brad Liechtenstein – Identifying and Reducing Stress Part 1

Brad S. Lichtenstein, ND, BCB, assistant professor at Bastyr University in the Counseling and Health Psychology Department and an attending physician of the Immune Wellness Clinic at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health, delivers the first of a two-part series on identifying and reducing stress in our lives, and understanding how stress affects our chronic... Watch Now

Dr. Patricia A. Bloom – Stress Management Using Mindfulness

Dr. Bloom will discuss the positive and negative aspects of our stress response and how too much stress can have a highly negative impact on our health, including aging.  She will then take us through the science behind the value of mindfulness and stress reduction.  She will help us understand how to deploy mindfulness daily... Watch Now

Dr. Majid Fotuhi – Enhancing Your Brain Performance

Dr. Majid Fotuhi touches on issues concerning what we know and what we can do to promote brain health. He is a neurologist with a degree from Harvard and a Ph.D. in neuroscience from Johns Hopkins. His research has been published in leading medical journals and he lectures around the globe. He currently heads the... Watch Now

Dr. Deanna Minich – Eat Smart to Stay Sharp

Dr. Deanna Minich, an internationally-recognized lifestyle medicine expert, creative visionary, and author of five books, will inform and inspire through the latest science on what you need to eat to keep your neurons flexible and firing so they can medically perform at their best.  As Dr. Minich puts it, “Top of mind for most people... Watch Now

Peace of Mind For His Elderly Mother’s Care

Barry’s mother in FL has a healhcare advisor that coordinates and attends her appointments, asks the right questions, and keeps Barry informed so he knows that his mother’s health is always being protected. Watch Now

Dr. Rubin Naiman – Sleep: A New Perspective

Rubin Naiman, PhD is an internationally recognized leader in integrative sleep and dream medicine. He is director of Circadian Health Associates, an organization that provides information, goods and services in support of sleep health. He also serves as the sleep specialist and clinical assistant professor of medicine at the University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative... Watch Now