Iris Sokol – “Ergonomic Wellness”

In this webinar, Iris Sokol, President and Founder of Ergowell, LLC, touches on issues concerning strategies for ergonomic work space function for injury prevention.  Ms. Sokol is a certified Ergonomist with over 30 years of experience in the ergonomic and health promotion industry.  Ergowell, LLC provides ergonomic services to top-notch companies throughout New England and... Watch Now

An Employer HR Perspective

This experienced human resource executive views PinnacleCare as part of her company’s wellbeing continuum, serving as a supportive resource when employees need someone to guide them through their medical challenges and coordinate their access to top specialists and cutting edge treatments. The impact of knowing where to turn and how to access these resources helps... Watch Now

Resources & Access to Solve Your Healthcare Challenges

When you least suspect it or are unprepared to deal with it, a medical crisis strikes or a serious health condition flares up. Where do you turn for accurate, objective information? How do you get swift access to top specialists? Who can you trust to guide you? PinnacleCare. Watch Now

Driving Better Outcomes

Healthcare challenges can raise daunting questions and distractions for employees: Where do I go? How do I get in? What are my options? PinnacleCare connects your employees with the medical research, resources, and access to prevent absenteeism and enhance productivity – ultimately saving money that might have been wasted on unnecessary treatments and inaccurate diagnoses. Watch Now

An Innovative Solution to a Client’s Needs

When you can solve a challenge that’s posing significant risk to your client’s lifestyle and is beyond their ability to solve, that’s a golden opportunity to connect. PinnacleCare helps you to deepen your relationship with your clients by introducing 24/7 health advisory support that helps them solve their most pressing healthcare challenges. Watch Now

Healthcare Challenges Solved

Whether you are caring for family and parents who are spread around the world or if you are faced with a serious diagnosis or condition – navigating the complex healthcare environment can be challenging. PinnacleCare takes on the burden of these challenges to deliver the resources and access you need when you need them –... Watch Now

Second Opinion Brings Relief to Multiple Myeloma Patient

Jim was covered by PinnacleCare through his work when his wife, Elissa, was diagnosed with smoldering multiple myeloma. Learn how PinnacleCare connected this employee and his wife with a nationally-recognized specialist whose access to cutting-edge treatments changed Elissa’s prognosis. The specialist offered solutions to put her mind at ease and manage the disease’s outcome where,... Watch Now

Beyond Concierge Medicine

PinnacleCare goes beyond concierge medicine to provide you with an innovative solution to extend to your clients who may be facing a medical crisis or serious diagnosis. By bringing PinnacleCare Private Health Advisors to the table, you bring deep medical research, resources, and access to top specialists and medical centers of excellence across the nation.... Watch Now

Coordinated Cancer Care Supports the Family

Dana’s father was diagnosed with lung cancer on the day her husband was in a car accident. Her parents were paralyzed by the diagnosis and needed help accessing a second opinion, understanding their options, and coordinating treatment. PinnacleCare took the burden off Dana and her family so she could support her parents emotionally without having... Watch Now

Second Opinion Averts High‑Risk Cardiac Bypass

Barry’s mother was taken to a local emergency room with chest pains while many, including her doctor, were evacuating for a hurricane. After being told that she needed a cardiac bypass, Barry contacted PinnacleCare who arranged for a virtual second opinion with the head of cardiology at a major medical center and his mother’s subsequent... Watch Now