The Power of Second Opinions

It’s in your best interest to get a second opinion when you receive a serious diagnosis or recommendation for surgery. With up to 30% of diagnoses reported to be incorrect, a second opinion can provide reassurance that your diagnosis is correct and your treatment plan is the most cutting-edge, effective option for your condition. Watch Now

Solving a Chronic Back Pain Issue

JJ sought help from PinnacleCare for a persistent back pain issue following two unnecessary surgeries. We arranged for a top specialist to diagnose the problem. Within 6 months, the back pain was gone. Watch Now

Eldercare Made Easy

PinnacleCare supports you and your clients to help deal with the challenges of aging. Whether you have older clients looking to maintain their independence or others who are caring for aging parents, a private health advisor is available to guide clients through our complex healthcare system to manage the health-related decisions they may be facing.... Watch Now

PinnacleCare Saved My Father’s Life

Patrice’s elderly father was found unconscious in his front hall. After being rushed to the local community hospital by ambulance, the doctors discovered he had a brain tumor and there was nothing more they could do. PinnacleCare connected the family with a top specialist and arranged medevac transport for her father’s emergency surgery. Watch Now

Why I Use PinnacleCare

Dana explains why she would never make critical healthcare decisions without a trusted, objective, and informed advisor by her side. Watch Now

Improving Outcomes

Healthcare challenges can raise daunting questions and distractions for employees: Where do I go? How do I get in? What are my options? PinnacleCare connects your client with the medical research, resources, and access to prevent absenteeism and enhance productivity – ultimately saving money that might have been wasted on unnecessary treatments and inaccurate diagnoses. Watch Now

Growing Trend: Second Surgical Opinion

Industry consultant notes a growing trend for large employers to focus on second surgical opinions as a lever to address unproductive care. PinnacleCare’s faster turnaround advantage is recognized as having the potential to improve the effectiveness of such programs through more timely response to employee anxiety associated with surgeries and other serious medical conditions. Watch Now

Resources & Access When Needed Most

When you have a persistent health problem, it can affect your state of mind and make life more difficult. PinnacleCare provides you with access to the medical and research resources that you need to solve your healthcare challenges and protect your health. Watch Now