Dr. Robert Wheeler – Before You Get on the Plane

Dr. Robert Wheeler has been the Chief Medical Officer for On Call International, a premier medical and travel assistance company, based in Salem, NH, since October 2005. In his capacity as CMO, Dr. Wheeler, together with his team of fourphysicians and a nurse case manager, is responsible for the management of more than 8,000 medical... Watch Now

Dr. Brad Liechtenstein – Identifying and Reducing Stress Part 2

Brad S. Lichtenstein, ND, BCB, assistant professor at Bastyr University in the Counseling and Health Psychology Department and an attending physician of the Immune Wellness Clinic at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health, delivers the second of a two-part series on identifying and reducing stress in our lives, on active rest, and the benefits of... Watch Now

Solving a Chronic Back Pain Issue

JJ sought help from PinnacleCare for a persistent back pain issue following two unnecessary surgeries. We arranged for a top specialist to diagnose the problem. Within 6 months, the back pain was gone. Watch Now

The Power of Second Opinions

It’s in your best interest to get a second opinion when you receive a serious diagnosis or recommendation for surgery. With up to 30% of diagnoses reported to be incorrect, a second opinion can provide reassurance that your diagnosis is correct and your treatment plan is the most cutting-edge, effective option for your condition. Watch Now

Finding Top Specialists for Child’s Complex Surgery

Michael’s daughter was diagnosed with Perthes disease which causes the bone cells in the thigh to die and the bone to stop growing. PinnacleCare provided access to cutting edge specialists and helped the family weigh their options to come to an appropriate decision regarding her surgery. Michael’s daughter now has two even legs and is... Watch Now

The Power of Second Opinions

A second opinion can make a significant difference in your employee’s recovery, change their diagnosis, and lead to treatment that assures a better outcome. Watch Now

Naturopathic Approaches to Healthy Living

Richard takes a proactive, involved approach to maintaining his heath, while pursuing alternative medical philosophies and practices. PinnacleCare matched him with a Naturopathic Doctor as his advisor to serve as a resource for both his traditional and non-traditional healthcare questions and needs. Watch Now

My Universal Medical Record Saved Me From Having a Biopsy

The results of Richard’s routine physical indicated elevated liver function levels. His doctor wanted to perform a biopsy. Instead, we arranged for him to see a top specialist, who looked at his universal medical record and found current liver function tests to be consistent with his numbers going back twenty years. The result… no biopsy. Watch Now

Comprehensive Medical Record

One of our most valuable comprehensive membership services is your universal medical record that PinnacleCare creates and maintains. The record consolidates all notes and test results from your past and present physicians, allowing secure 24/7 access to your medical history from anywhere in the world – whenever you may need it. Watch Now

The Power of Second Opinions

Gain the confidence that your diagnosis is correct and your treatment plan is the most cutting-edge, effective option for your condition. Watch Now