Our patient advocacy and healthcare navigation helps to give you and your family total piece of mind.


How can PinnacleCare help keep my family healthy?

PinnacleCare works with member families to help maintain optimal health, guiding healthy choices and solutions to your healthcare challenges. A few ways PinnacleCare helps keep your family in optimal health include:

  • Collection, review and confidential storage of your family’s medical records to ensure that preventive care is up-to-date and that potentially lifesaving records can be rapidly accessed or transferred in a medical emergency
  • Selection of qualified primary care physicians (including adult, pediatric and concierge practices), and coordination of appointments, paperwork, and necessary follow-up care
  • Orchestration of care, research, and second opinions to support serious or complex medical conditions
  • Proactive medical contingency planning for domestic and international travel, as well as 24/7 PinnacleCare Advisor access and support
  • Coordination of regular Executive Physicals and nutrition consultations, as well as access to the foremost experts in preventive and integrative medicine

I am well-connected and have access to great doctors and hospitals. How can PinnacleCare help me?

Each top medical institution specializes in certain areas of medicine, and the majority of research and complex cases are related to these specific niches. Arguably, there is no one Center of Excellence that is the best at everything. Also, approaches to treatment vary from one institution to the other, and among physicians.

We help our members find the best healthcare options based on their medical needs and personal preferences. We provide objective data and research on leading physicians and cutting-edge treatments, available virtually around the world, based on our members’ requests and travel parameters. Also, members are assigned a 24/7 professional PinnacleCare Advisory team. For example, if you lose your prescription while on vacation, you can contact a member of your personal PinnacleCare Advisory team who will resolve the situation for you. They can assist you with all your healthcare issues – anytime, anywhere.

Our members are not always physically located near a reputable medical center because they may travel frequently or own more than one home. With a PinnacleCare membership, you will gain peace of mind knowing that if anything happens, you simply need to call your PinnacleCare Advisor who will begin to resolve your situation with the highest quality care, based on your specific needs.

How does PinnacleCare select and evaluate physician referrals provided to members?

The physician options we provide to PinnacleCare members are selected based on their experience, as well as the member’s preferences and needs. Experience is defined by many factors, including medical school and residency training, fellowship training if applicable, board certification, current research and teaching responsibilities, and where they currently practice. For specialists treating rare conditions, publication and national/international presentation history will also be provided.

We weigh the importance of specific elements of a physician’s background depending on the specialty and provide this information to our members so that they can choose the best option from a selection of well-qualified candidates. We find physicians through our extensive networks of contacts in top medical centers around the world, through recommendations from our Medical Advisory Board members, supplemented by research by our PinnacleCare Advisory teams.

How do you find PinnacleCare Private Health Advisors?

PinnacleCare private health advisors are recruited from diverse backgrounds in the health field, from social work to nursing to VIP patient services. Each PinnacleCare Advisor brings unique and extensive experiences, as an insider in “the health care maze,” to their role as a trusted health advisor to our Member families. Most importantly, PinnacleCare Advisors work together in teams, united by their dedication to helping members get the very best care. PinnacleCare members also benefit from the combined knowledge and extensive networks of Chief Executive Officer Dr. Miles Varn and Founder John Hutchins, each of whom has more than 30 years of experience in health care.

We assign Member families to a PinnacleCare Advisory team best suited to their medical needs, personality and place of residence.

What happens if you do not have a PinnacleCare Advisor in my area?

Your PinnacleCare Advisory team will take care of all your healthcare needs regardless of where you live. Our capabilities and network span the globe. PinnacleCare Advisors can accompany Members to appointments or medical treatment as an add-on at their request. Your PinnacleCare Advisory team is committed to promoting your family’s ongoing health and wellness when traveling as well as living abroad. Wherever you are living or traveling, your PinnacleCare Advisor will keep in close touch with you through your preferred method of contact, be it telephone, email or face-to-face meetings.

Does PinnacleCare only refer its members to specific Centers of Excellence and to their network of physicians?

Although we have relationships with a number of Centers of Excellence throughout the United States and over 70 physicians on our Medical Advisory Board, we do not restrict or limit access and referrals to those institutions or physicians. One of the hallmarks of our service is the identification of qualified physician and facility options based on the members’ medical needs and personal preferences.

Does PinnacleCare receive a commission or other compensation from the physicians and Centers of Excellence to which you refer members, and vice-versa?

We neither give nor receive commission or compensation from physicians or Centers of Excellence. In all of our activities, we work directly for our members and not the physicians or Centers of Excellence. Our focus is clear: provide our members unbiased, objective information detailing their health options to assist them in making informed decisions, and then managing the details of their ongoing healthcare needs. The doctors and Centers of Excellence are attentive to the needs of PinnacleCare members because of their relationships with our team and the way that we streamline their care delivery.