My first experience navigating the heath care system occurred when my sister was diagnosed with lung cancer. I acted as her advocate, arranging consultations with physicians, researching treatments, and scheduling appointments. I was never sure I had done enough research or found the best sources. It was an absolute nightmare because I simply did not have the skills or knowledge I needed to do this complex job.

When I discovered PinnacleCare, I knew I had found what I’d been missing.

When I discovered PinnacleCare Private Health Advisory years later, I knew I had found what I’d been missing back then. Then, a year ago, I had double vision. My doctor could not find the cause, so PinnacleCare arranged consults with two other renowned physicians. They discovered that my lachrymal glands were swollen. There were many possible causes and I guessed the solution would be a simple thyroid problem. The physician ordered a biopsy and my health advisor Joyce and I had an appointment with the doctor to get the results.

I was stunned to learn that I had been diagnosed with lymphoma. My mind froze and I didn’t hear half of what the physician said. Fortunately, Joyce was there to take notes and ask the important questions. She found two physicians with expertise in treating lymphoma, arranged consultations for me, had the biopsy results delivered, attended all the appointments with me, and helped me sort through the pros and cons of lymphoma treatment approaches. She also sent my personal health records for a virtual consultation with a physician at Dana Farber, giving me one more expert opinion.

PinnacleCare was there when I needed them, providing support, information and advice every step of the way. It was a tremendous benefit to have that calm, caring “expert” in the room as I went through this experience.

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