I’m a busy 41-year old senior executive in good general health — or so I thought. In November, 2008, when a routine blood test for cholesterol revealed active multiple myeloma — a cancer with a five-year life expectancy of 34% — I knew I was in for the fight of my life.

PinnacleCare is a tremendous ally in both practical and psychological terms. I would not have wanted to take on this fight without them.

Advice from a friend led me to PinnacleCare, and after several consultations including a visit with their Chief Medical Officer, I knew that I had found an invaluable ally for my team. From coordinating multiple consults with the top doctors on the subject; to performing customized analyses at my request about the efficacy of various treatments undergone at different cancer centers across the country; to ensuring my medical records and bone marrow slides were sent everywhere in advance of my arrival and collected for my own review; to assisting with prescriptions for the 15+ medications I was on; PinnacleCare was a critical part of organizing my fight and making sure I was on top of it.

The work they did helped both me and my wife — who was my caregiver during six months of difficult treatment — to focus on my disease instead of logistics. But beyond efficiency, the level of genuine care and support that exists from the CEO of PinnacleCare to each health advisor with whom I have worked is truly touching. About one of the only things I recall from an 18-day hospital stay on high-dose synthetic morphine was receiving a care package filled with positivity and empathy — including homemade items and a handwritten note from a staffer about her young son’s triumph over leukemia. While PinnacleCare is not inexpensive, I can say for one facing a life-threatening diagnosis, they are a tremendous ally in both practical and psychological terms. I would not have wanted to take on this fight without them.

Now that I have returned to work, PinnacleCare’s support is critical. They handle the details of medical appointments, prescriptions, keeping my medical records up-to-date and other health issues so I can focus on a busy work and travel schedule. If PinnacleCare wasn’t part of my team, making the transition back to work would have been much more stressful and time-consuming. I certainly would not have been able to give my full attention and energy to work.

With my primary care complete and three years of maintenance therapy underway, a cure looks likely, if not certain. PinnacleCare remains by my side. Their help and support has been invaluable and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

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