A Los Angeles business manager became concerned when one of his clients, a 51-year old man with a history of high cholesterol who had been on statin medication for many years, called him and said he had started experiencing muscle pain, weakness, and night sweats. The business manager remembered the presentation that PinnacleCare had made to his group, and called PinnacleCare and to ask how we could help his client. PinnacleCare told him that we could arrange for an executive physical and a consult with a top cardiologist at a center of excellence.

Hearing that news from a top cardiologist was such a relief that it makes the membership worth every penny!

The business manager then put the client in touch with PinnacleCare. Being naturally anxious, the client liked the idea of having a team who would “walk him through” the healthcare system, and became a Member without hesitation. Once membership forms were signed, PinnacleCare immediately began collecting the man’s past medical records, and gave him the option of an executive physical appointment at one of three national centers of excellence that specialize in cardiology. The Member preferred to stay close to home, and within one week PinnacleCare had forwarded records and the client and his new PinnacleCare advisor attended the appointment. PinnacleCare then made arrangements with the specialty cardiology group for an expedited follow-up appointment.

The cardiologist did a thorough evaluation, ran specialized testing, and determined that the Member did have elevated levels of a certain enzyme that could be caused by the statin medication he had recently increased. The doctor stated that the muscle pain, weakness, and night sweats could be alleviated by switching to a different statin medication and prescribed one. The doctor then confirmed that the Member’s cholesterol numbers were the lowest they had ever been and that he was not in any danger.

The Member was ecstatic and said, “Hearing that news from a top cardiologist was such a relief that it makes the membership worth every penny!” He also said that having the advisor with him every step of the way brought him tremendous comfort. With authorization from the Member, the PinnacleCare advisor updated the business manager regularly, which eased the business manager’s mind as well. The Member feels more peace of mind knowing that he has someone who is advocating on his behalf. In addition, this experience has strengthened his relationship with his business manager.

The business manager has since referred other clients to PinnacleCare because he says that every time he does, he puts his clients into the care of people he can trust with their lives.

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