When I first heard about PinnacleCare from a friend, I was desperate. I had been diagnosed with diabetes 35 years ago and my health had gotten progressively worse over the years. Early in August 2007, my heart stopped and I needed emergency implantation of a pacemaker, but following the procedure my health did not improve. In fact, there were three more 911 calls in the following two months. I felt I was drawing near to death.

I never thought I’d feel this good again and the PinnacleCare team is the reason I’m doing as well as I am.

PinnacleCare rapidly put together a plan to get my health back on track, flying me to Baltimore to meet with a team of physicians at one of their Centers of Excellence that included an internal medicine specialist, cardiologist and endocrinologist. I underwent the most comprehensive physical I have ever experienced and felt that the internal medicine specialist understood my health situation better in one hour than anyone ever had. My PinnacleCare health advisor sat in on every appointment with me, taking notes and asking questions.

In concert with my physicians, PinnacleCare developed a strategy to control my diabetes and improve my cardiovascular and overall health that included having special meals delivered and working with my athletic trainer and health advisor five to six days a week. When I started working out I couldn’t even walk to the mailbox because of the pain caused by my diabetic neuropathy and weakened overall condition, but now I have much more stamina and can take my dogs for long walks.

I also work with one of PinnacleCare’s on-staff physicians. He reviews all my medications and supplements and has made suggestions that have allowed my physicians to reduce the number of prescriptions I take from 12 to just 7. His suggestions have been instrumental in my improved health.

My health has improved significantly since I became a PinnacleCare member and I continue getting better. I wasn’t doing anything well at my low point and that has turned around. I am working again via the internet and truly enjoying my life. I never thought I’d feel this good again and the PinnacleCare team is the reason I’m doing as well as I am.

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