Even though my husband and I always considered ourselves very well-connected to the medical community, tackling the health care system was always difficult. This became clear to me as we took care of my father’s cardiac and diabetes conditions. And again when my husband was diagnosed with heart disease.

"Even with our many medical connections, PinnacleCare helps us live healthier in every way."

That’s when we made the decision to join PinnacleCare. It was life-changing for our family. The cardiologist recommended by our PinnacleCare experts prepared us for the possibility of bypass surgery. Our advisors worked tirelessly to find the best surgeons. Fortunately, it turned out surgery wasn’t necessary, just brachytherapy and a stent. With proper medication and lifestyle changes, my husband hasn’t required additional procedures in three-and-a-half years.

My husband was also on migraine medication. But we asked PinnacleCare to help us get a second opinion. A renowned neurologist told my husband that this particular medication wasn’t necessary. My husband stopped using the drugs and feels better than he ever has.

After my husband’s stent, we decided to live a healthier lifestyle. PinnacleCare found us a hospital-based cardiac health program and a terrific personal trainer with cardiac expertise. My husband’s lost 40 pounds and I’ve lost 20. Working out is now second nature.

We even use PinnacleCare when we travel. We spend a lot of time at our home in the Cayman Islands and our advisors helped us to find a cardiologist there, just in case.

PinnacleCare has brought tremendous, beneficial change to our lives. We’re living healthier. We always know where to turn for any health concern we have. It has made a huge difference for us.

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