I’d scheduled expensive executive physicals for years, with blood tests, stress tests, cholesterol checks and more — always being told the findings were ‘normal’ and my lifestyle was ‘fine.’ Imagine how I felt when the experts at PinnacleCare told me I’d been badly misinformed, and was at risk for serious cardiac problems!

"My life was dangerously at risk. PinnacleCare, downsize me!"

PinnacleCare advisors had discovered the oversights as they were reviewing the last six months of my medical records together with a PinnacleCare consulting physician. There was more distressing news: No one had told me to follow up on any cardiac or lipid issues — even though I was struggling with weight and blood pressure problems, and met all of the criteria for severe coronary problems.

They also learned that one of my doctors had eliminated my blood pressure medication. Others were worried about a ‘fatty liver,’ but no one suggested a lifestyle change. And my total cholesterol score was only ‘fine’ because my HDL levels were way too low and my triglycerides were severely too high, which averaged out to ‘normal.’

Naturally I was annoyed; I insisted I didn’t have a problem. But I finally agreed to have an Executive Physical with a top Cardiac/Lipid Specialist.

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