“Overwhelmed Son Finds Relief for His Family”

I found it increasingly more difficult to help effectively manage my father’s care and handle the seemingly endless barrage of doctor’s appointments. PinnacleCare helped put my mind at ease and lift the burden of responsibility off the family. Read more

“Mother’s Miraculous Recovery of Memory”

This member’s mother-in-law suffered from mild Parkinsons’. Suddenly she was stumbling, slurring her words, and losing her memory. Her doctor said there was nothing to do and that the Parkinson’s was worsening. Her advisor suggested an MRI, where fluid on the brain was discovered.  After treatment, the member reported that “it was like night and day” how all of her symptoms disappeared. Watch video 

“Feeling Better Than He Has in 20 Years”

On April 1, 2007, Terry admits he came within an inch of losing his life. “I really feel that I was circling the drain.” Thus began his now eight-year relationship with PinnacleCare– a relationship that he credits with feeling better than he has in 20 years. Watch video 

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