I really feel that I was circling the drain.

On April 1, 2007, I came within an inch of losing my life. I was suffering from peripheral neuropathy and atrial fibrillation, and my heart stopped approximately 25 times that day between bouts of losing my balance, passing out and coming to in extreme physical distress.

I wound up in the ICU, where I was told that I would need a pacemaker. Also a diabetic, my anxiety levels were through the roof, and my physical health continued to decline following the pacemaker surgery. I had a seemingly endless trail of medical records and past appointments with a variety of specialists around the country clouding my situation. That’s when I reached out to PinnacleCare for help, in September 2007.

With PinnacleCare coordinating the details and accompanying me on appointments, I went to see an internal medicine physician, a cardiologist with a specialty in electrophysiology, an endocrinologist and a diabetes educator at a leading Center of Excellence.

When I returned back home, I was feeling much more optimistic about my health. PinnacleCare immediately started identifying new physicians to manage my care and enrolled me in diabetes classes. They also helped identify the right balance of medications and nutritional supplements to aid in my recovery; an effort led by PinnacleCare’s Director of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, who partnered with prescribing physicians to develop a healthy regimen for me.

Throughout the past eight years, PinnacleCare has identified physicians, nutritionists, personal trainers, physical therapists, naturopathic doctors and a sleep specialist on my behalf. I’ve worked closely with my PinnacleCare health advisor and utilized their vast resources to incorporate new techniques for losing weight, exercising in the most efficient way possible, improving sleep, increasing mental clarity and cognition, and optimizing my overall health in a more proactive and preventive way.

I now feel far better at 75 than I did at 55.


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