I called PinnacleCare from my home in Colombia. I had just received news from my physician; my recent gynecological exam had indicated abnormal test results. Naturally, I was uneasy about the results, and asked PinnacleCare to arrange a second opinion. I requested to see a top physician in the United States, specifically in Miami, and I needed it within days because I had an important trip to Portugal scheduled soon.

A second opinion. In another country. In days. PinnacleCare came through.

PinnacleCare recommended a prestigious, recognized gynecological oncologist in Miami who had won numerous awards. Naturally, this specialist had a very full schedule, but they contacted the practice’s manager directly. After learning of the situation, the manager searched for time, and was able to schedule an appointment within three days.

A PinnacleCare health advisor attended the appointment with me. The doctor was stellar and spent a lot of time with us. He told me that I would need a biopsy. But once again, time was not on our side. The hospital’s surgery room was very busy. The specialist continued to work with the advisor, who called later and told me they had secured a surgery slot for the next day.

I was more than happy; I would never have been able to accomplish what PinnacleCare had done for me. I was able to move forward with my plans and my life — and be there for the people who were counting on me.

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