My husband and I, who have been PinnacleCare members for years, are what you would consider world travelers, always looking for new adventures. Even as my husband moved into his early 90s, that didn’t slow us down from booking a three-week cruise through the northeastern United States and parts of Canada.

They [PinnacleCare] shepherded us the whole way. When you have a problem they are hands on. Morning, noon and night they are saying ‘I’m here if you need anything.'

On the sixth day of the trip, my husband woke up and found that he was unable to urinate. Believing it to be a urinary blockage, the doctor aboard attempted to insert a catheter, but was unable to do so. An ambulance was immediately ordered to take my husband to the nearest hospital in St. John, New Brunswick.

We reached out to PinnacleCare for help with the emergency. In the 10-12 minutes that it took to transport my husband to the emergency room, PinnacleCare had been in touch with the ER team at the hospital to arrange for a specialist to insert the catheter. The doctor was waiting when we arrived and immediately began to check my husband’s vitals for stability prior to inserting the catheter.

The third day after the ER trip, however, my husband developed a heavy stream of blood in his catheter. The doctor determined that because he didn’t have the proper x-ray and ultrasound equipment on board to effectively monitor my husband’s condition, that we should leave the ship to seek proper care. We disembarked in Quebec at the urging of the ship’s attending medical director.

PinnacleCare closely monitored my husband’s condition while still in Canada as he was again taken from the ship via ambulance to spend the day in an emergency room in Quebec. After a night in a Quebec hotel, we flew back to the States, where PinnacleCare arranged for him to see another specialist in the early morning hours and an internist to follow up the next afternoon.

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