I joined PinnacleCare with an immediate issue: a torn pulmaris longus in my left hand. In fact, the same day I joined I requested a Medical Intelligence Report (MIR) for the top hand surgeons in the United States. Within 24 hours, PinnacleCare delivered the detailed report with all of the information I had requested.

PinnacleCare didn’t just open doors for me — they kept them open long after hours.

Only two days into my membership, PinnacleCare was able to secure an appointment for me with a specialist at a world-renowned hand center. I flew from my primary home in the UK to the United States and a PinnacleCare advisor accompanied me to my appointment. I was so impressed by the center’s equipment that I plan to purchase the same for my hospital in London.

After several tests, the doctors determined that I would not need surgery since the torn tendons were superficial. Physical therapy was determined to be the best treatment option for achieving full mobility in my hand again. Because of PinnacleCare’s close relationship with my doctor, the hand center was kept open late that night exclusively for me. That way, I could begin physical therapy immediately and get in one more session before leaving Baltimore the next day to join my family for a relaxing vacation.

I feel like the impressive work of the PinnacleCare team saved me from having unnecessary surgery. Not to mention, provided me with an impressive introduction to all the benefits of PinnacleCare.

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