We had a bit of a ‘bump in the road’ on our recent trip to China. Shortly after arriving in Beijing, I realized that none of my medications were in my suitcase. I wasn’t sure if I had left them at home, if they were confiscated by airport security or stolen from my bag. Whatever the reason, I was absolutely panic-stricken and decided to call the PinnacleCare Health Advisor Hotline.

When I lost my medications in China, I was sure glad I had found PinnacleCare.

The on-call health advisor told me I would have to be seen by a doctor before I could receive any replacement medications. She quickly added that she would make all of the necessary arrangements. As promised, the advisor scheduled me an appointment with a Canadian doctor in Beijing the next morning — China time.

I loved the doctor, who was even willing to see my husband for the cold symptoms he had developed since our flight. I got the medications I needed and my husband got something to alleviate his cold symptoms.

When my advisors followed up with me after my trip, I told them I don’t know what we would have done without PinnacleCare.

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