My husband, our three school-aged children and I are all PinnacleCare members. We currently live in Shanghai and recently used PinnacleCare to secure an accurate diagnosis for our eight-year-old son’s knee problems. We had seen three different doctors in China, but none of them could diagnose the problem. During our skiing holiday in Austria, the knee pain increased and we saw a specialist in Kitzbuhel. While we could not stay in Kitzbuhel for the necessary MRI scans, the specialist recommended that we find a good knee doctor to solve the problem. Since we were moving to Rome that summer, we decided Rome would be the best place to find a doctor.

As our family traveled the globe, PinnacleCare stayed one step ahead of our health needs.

That’s when we turned to PinnacleCare. They were extremely helpful in locating a top specialist in a very short amount of time. In fact, PinnacleCare advisors found the best orthopedic pediatrician in Europe, who also happened to be based in Rome. They first made sure that the doctor spoke fluent English and then secured an appointment in his extremely busy schedule. After some quick MRI scans, the specialist diagnosed my son’s knee problem and arranged to have a brace ready for us to take back to Shanghai.

While we hope we do not need PinnacleCare in the future for emergency travel support, we are confident they can find us a good doctor anywhere in the world. Because our family is always on the move, PinnacleCare’s global resources and relationships are especially reassuring.

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