“Back In My Ballet Shoes”

An avid ballet dancer and horseback rider, I was devastated when I injured my spine last Christmas. The disc herniated in the accident caused nerve damage, resulting in excruciating pain that kept me from any physical activity. Read more

“Major Spine Surgery Decision”

With several crushed discs in his neck, Michael needed to find a surgeon to perform a delicate operation. PinnacleCare connected him with top specialists. Accompanied by his advisor he was able to get all his questions answered and confidently pick a surgeon. Watch video 

“Secured Appointments With Five Specialists for My Knee and Back Pain”

I was struggling with increasing back pain and requested PinnacleCare’s help in securing appointments with top physicians who could identify and remedy my condition.  Unfortunately, I’m extremely busy.  In addition to being a physician, I’m a member of a Medical Advisory Board at a top university hospital.  I was traveling from my home in Chicago to Florida, so I needed all of my pain management appointments scheduled in the same week. Read more

“Constant Hip Pain With a Tight Schedule”

I explained to my health advisor that I had recently been to see my orthopedist about my hip pain. The orthopedist suggested that I schedule an appointment to receive a bone scan as well as an epidermal injection for the pain. Since I was on a tight schedule, I wanted these appointments scheduled the next day and preferably back to back so I could maximize my time. Read more